Patient Comfort

Office Environment

Our office was designed for infants, children and teens. From the games in the reception room to the wall art, kids feel right at home. It's a unique atmosphere that helps children relax and enjoy their experience. Children deserve to experience a gentle, caring approach to their dental care.


Our goal is to help your child grow into an adult who routinely and comfortably seeks dental care. This often requires extra time with your child, distraction through many of our child friendly amenities. On some occasions, Dr. Weiss might recommend that treatment be performed under general anesthesia at Women and Childrens' Hospital of Buffalo. It is very important to discuss with Dr. Weiss any bad experiences or fears your child may have in order to provide the best possible care for your child.

Office Amenities

Our practice is designed to make children feel comfortable during their visit. We provide the following amenities to make your child's experience the best possible:

  • We use virtual reality glasses so kids can watch TV with a headset while we perform treatment.
  • We use iPads at each chair for patient and parent education as well as allowing the kids to use them if they need to wait.
  • We utilize electronic medical records offering us a more complete record of care. (This one is more for our patient's parents!)
  • We utilize digital x-rays, significantly reducing radiation exposure and because there is higher image resolution, we can diagnose earlier and treat more conservatively.

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